I create a custom portrait session to capture your unique family story—your hearts, personalities, stages in life, loving relationships, authentic interactions and your legacy! 


Photos on the wall are more than just decorations, they serve as love notes to your children, your spouse and your family. When the ones you care about the most see these images they are reminded of place in time where they felt love, happiness, adoration, and perhaps a gathering that only happened once in their life! When these moments pass, your children grow up, and your parents are no longer with you, what will you have left to remember them?


An artistic heirloom image is one of the few things that allow you to celebrate and preserve each stage in live for what it is. A toddler cuddling with their mother before they run off to life's next adventure. Sibling interaction with laughter, love and play. A husband kissing a wife in a way that shows he is thankful for all that she does. The confidence and pride of a graduate that knows they made their family proud with their effort and accomplishment. A generational family reunion that may bring people together for the first or last time. A custom portrait session is an investment and is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family!

"Because every picture tells a story"


I want you to know how passionate I am and how much of my life I have dedicated to color theory, design concepts, composition, layout, color balance, proofing, editing and final markup through my years as a professional Graphic Designer and a Photographer. It all adds up to create something beautiful!


Our pre-portrait consultation and research will bring forth ideas and input to ensure that I gain a better understanding of what you want to capture which will lead to a successful session and end result. I invest time into organizing and researching locations, lighting, time of day, location guides, maps, how to prepare for your photo shoot, and printing tips. My overall business philosophy is quality over quantity and that it's better to have a fewer amazing fine art quality images to display on your walls rather then many mediocre same looking images. Keeping in mind that you probably won't be able to display more then 20 prints/canvases on the wall. 


My goal is to have fun, engage with each family member, and meet children at their developmental level. I have an animated, warm personality and I connect with people so they feel comfortable and show their true personalities. I try to capture a variety of formal, candid and artistic shots. I have different tips and techniques to help you relax and will guide you through the process and poses. I also use a telephoto lens from a distance so you don't have a camera in your face. Please don’t worry that you don’t take good photos, or if your blink or made a funny face, I will take MANY photos to ensure you that I will capture your best and most natural look.  


After the session I cull through hundreds of images and choose the best from each collection with regards to color, composition, sharpness, lighting and emotional connection. I spend many hours professionally editing, retouching and enhancing your images so each one is a beautiful, artistic heirloom that you will cherish!


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a concentration in Graphic Design. In college I received high honors and was selected 1 of 4 from my graduating class for top designs and my work was featured in a public gallery. As a Senior Designer I had a wide variety of professional experiences working with individuals from over 150 different countries to create artwork that transcended age, nationality, race and language.


In Denver I designed million dollar pharmaceutical projects for GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Wyeth for clients from Japan to Australia. I have experience with Tradeshow Exhibitors designing 3-D modeling booths 40’ wide and 20’ high with banners for nationally recognized clients like Time Warner, Coors and Chaco to grab the attention of any passerby at convention centers.


In Boulder I was a Creative Designer at a hip web agency conceptualizing corporate identity packages, web design, flash animation, advertising and marketing for
small businesses.


In Loveland I was Senior Designer for a Christian Publisher directing catalog photo shoots with 3+ photographers and 30+ children models for magazine catalogs, book covers, product packaging and marketing materials. And last but not least, if you have ever enjoyed a scoop of ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s in Old Town Fort Collins, I painted the mural that is sitting behind you! 

"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."



Hello, my name is Kristy Lehman, and as a mother of four children I understand the importance and value for parents to be photographed WITH your children! We want our children to see the way we feel about them in a beautiful image on display. We may take thousands of photos of our children growing up and running around, but as parents we may not be in any of them! We spend so much time with our children that we know their personalities, their love, their warmth, and their quirky ways. It is so important for me to capture these moments shared between parents, children and siblings so that your memory of a life stage becomes a lasting image on your wall. My experience of having 4 children in 8 years gives me the patience, appreciation and an excellent understanding of their developmental stages. I find it best to work on their level with their interests so I can find a way to bond with your children and make them feel comfortable. I truly enjoy the creative challenge this poses with each family dynamic being different than the rest!

I also sympathize with the joys and struggles of having a new baby and feeling crazy tired. Motherhood is amazing and humbling at the same time. Having been through these same stages myself, I can identify with your wants and needs to capture lasting images snuggling with your babies while at the same time you may not feel your best mentally and physically. I get it! But it is so important to capture these images when you have the chance because babies change so fast if you wait too long the moment will pass. I have many professional skills with posing, lighting and cropping to capture and highlight only best parts of your loving interactions so that you feel beautiful and self confident. When I photograph my goal is to capture your heart, personality, and emotional connection with loved ones.

"Motherhood is a million little moments that God weaves together with grace, redemption, laughter, tears and most of all, love."